Academic English

Academic English is the English academics and professionals use to convey new ideas and research findings which advance the knowledge and practices of a field of study. As one of the languages for communication, English is very different from Chinese in terms of logical flow, sentence structures and vocabulary. Therefore, it is not surprising that some English as a Foreign language learners (EFL learners) find it difficult to switch code when it comes to English writing or speaking. 


Under the category of ‘Academic English’, we make no claim to either comprehensive coverage of all learning needs or detailed coverage of all the communication challenges university students may face. The resources under this category mainly target some repeated mistakes or misconception of English writing and speaking. Short explanatory videos, recommended learning resources and ‘challenge’ questions for students of varied proficiency levels can be found under each of the five academic topics - ‘academic register’, ‘academic vocabulary’, ‘Integrating academic sources in APA style’, ‘cohesive devices’, and ‘complex sentences for academic writing’. In addition, you can also learn from students’ sample writings. Since this website serves mainly Early Childhood Education students and professionals, the learning activities are based on Early Childhood Education topics. 


Try the sample challenges for different levels on each webpage. If you are interested in working on additional exercises, we have also prepared other Academic English packages for academic English for Early Childhood Education students. Click the ‘contact’ button below for more information.