Academic Register

The very first step in writing an academic essay is to understand the style of language and tone of academic writing, which is also termed as ‘Academic Register’. For a new academic writer, understanding ‘Academic Register’ could mean reading academic textbooks and journal articles or watching TEDTalk videos on your disciplinary topics.

Watch this video to understand more about Academic Register

Now that you understand the concept of ‘Academic Register’, embark on the learning
journey on this page to start writing.

Differentiate between formal and informal language by completing the challenges below. There are three levels of challenges:


If you are less confident and would like to start from a less challenging exercise, take the Bronze challenges.

Click here to start the Bronze challenges


This challenge is for students with medium levels of English proficiency, the sentences are more difficult than the Bronze level ones. Read the instruction and take the challenges. 

Click here to start the Silver challenges



For students with good general English writing skills, this group of challenges provides hands-on writing practices to adjust your writing style from informal to formal, academic. 

Click here to start the Gold challenges

Good Luck!

Additional Learning Resources

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