ECE Professional English Webpage Introduction

Often touted as the global language, benefits of the proficient use of professional English, are endless. This is becoming increasingly true for Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers who aim to fulfill the teaching standards mandated by the Hong Kong Educational Board. 

The role of teachers goes well beyond classroom teaching with the need for professional language skills before and after classroom teaching. Therefore, professional English for ECE teachers is vital in the context of daily work in cases such as: 

  • Recording and reporting on internal activities or incidents 

  • Fulfilling school resource purchase inquiries and complaints 

  • Collaborating with third-party education service providers or learning centers 

  • Communicating with regional education offices

As such this website enables ECE educators to master the basics of professional English in the workplace in the following genres of writing: 

1. Business Email Writing

Business email writing is a unique style of writing and is the most widely used form of communication. This section details the anatomy of professional emails and dissects the style and structure. You may also practice the writing skills you have gained through interactive games in the ‘Business Email Writing’ subpage. Utilize these activities to master the art of email writing. ​

2. Circular Writing

This section details how to write circular letters, which by nature are formal and official , only disclosed to a group of people. It details an example and explanation of what elements are essential in a circular letter. 

3. ECE Lesson Plan Writing

Lesson plans are the skeleton of any classroom, it has to be strong and rigid as to allow any teacher to follow the instructions and assess students effectively. This section uncovers the secrets to effective ECE lesson plan formats and style. 

Our Business English e-learning packages 

If you wish to further refine your professional skill sets, we have developed a series of online e-learning business English writing courses that detail other genres of writing for your success. To access the additional resources, feel free to contact us at

Additional Learning Resources 

Business English by the British Council 

The following resource provides excellent in-depth review into Business English learning. Activities take the form of writing business emails, listening to business podcasts and a recruitment interview series.  The website also teaches learners professional vocabulary and grammar in an interactive manner through the use of matching and fill-in-the gap activities. 

Scholastic Teaching Resources  

The Scholastic website offers unique resources for what a teacher needs at work. Particularly with regard to their Lesson Plan series which teaches educators how to master the art of writing effective lesson plans. The professional development section outlines great resources for effective community engagement among others. 

ContinuEd- Early Childhood Education Resources 

Every ECE veteran has utilized the Continued website to find specifically catered lesson resources for their students. The website covers all necessary resources ranging from learning environments to effective lesson plan writing that will aid both teaching and administrative work of ECE educators.